Latinas are strong
¡Brava! shows the world their strength
Martha Flores with Cholas Talk

About Our Founder

Prior to launching ¡Brava!, Martha Flores was the Chief Editorial Officer of mitú, where she created a voice that was culturally specific, unapologetically Latino and awesome.

She created the CholosTry and CholasTalk franchises. She also held key positions at Demand Media, Us Weekly and Los Angeles Times.


our story

Latinas are strong.
¡Brava! Shows the world their strength 

¡Brava! reflects the Latina experience from East LA to East Coast. Founded by Martha E. Flores, ¡Brava! shows the world Latina strength with video-driven storytelling that is a true reflection of Latinx life.

There are 26 million Latinas in the US. One out of five adult women are Latinas. One out of four high school females are Latinas. Yet we are often overlooked because we are mainstream or we are targeted using an outdated model that is in Spanish on TV and using stereotypes.

In 2015, of all the movies released in the US, only three percent featured Latinas. We deserve to see a genuine reflection of ourselves in tv shows, movies and online storytelling. We also deserve to see our complexity in the narratives told. We should not settle for taco memes and abuela caricatures as the only reflection we see.



Know You Know

  • 26 million Latinas live in the US 
  • 1 in 5 women are Latinas
  • 1 in 4 high school females are Latinas
  • 86% of Latinas are at helm of purchasing power 
  • Latinas are adopting and adapting technology at a higher pace
  • 65% of Hispanics are born here...
  • 70%+ of those born here are Millennial… Of those only 5% are “Spanish only”